Seat/Hips measurement

How to measure your SEAT / HIPS at fullest or widest area for custom made TJ’s jeans.

Measuring your best fitting jeans or a pair of jeans, shorts or trousers that fit in most places laid flat on a table.

It will help if you give us the brand and style you are measuring from but not absolutely necessary.

At this stage we recommend putting the jeans on and identifying where you are fullest or widest in the hips including your seat/ buttocks. Mark the jeans on both sideseams at this spot for use in the ‘Waist to hips measurement’.

Then remove your jeans and measure from one side to the other side where you have made the marks. Be sure to pull any folds or looseness from both fronts and backs so the jeans are laying completely flat.

If you are measuring over a pair of stretch jeans be sure to take into account how much the jeans stretch when you put them on. It will help us to get your fit right if you give us the stretched measurement of the waist, hips and thigh. It will also help if you order one of our stretch fabrics which has similar characteristics to your pair.

You will then multiply this measurement by 2. This is your seat or hip measurement. If you want to make adjustments to this measurement because your jeans are too tight or too loose make the adjustment on the measurement you give us.

Please keep the measurements you take for each measurement as we will ask you to confirm them once you place an order.


If you are using Inches: If you are using Centimeters
If you measured 17″ If you measured 43cm
and multiply by two x 2 and multiply by two x 2
Your hips are =34″ Your hips are =86cm


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