TJ’s Measurement Instructions

How to measure for a truly great fitting custom made TJ’s jeans.

Feeling put off by the thought of measuring your best fitting jeans? Think it too much work or too time consuming? Let us assure you that measuring your best fitting jeans is much faster and easier than driving to a mall or retail shops and trying on 20 pair of jeans to find one which may or may not fit well and is the style and color you are looking for!


Our years of experience tells us the most accurate way for you to take your measurements is to measure your best fitting favorite jeans laid flat on a table. It will help if you give us the brand and style you are measuring from but not absolutely necessary. Then we can make a custom fit pattern especially for you. Preferably your jeans have been recently washed so they don?t have the natural stretching that occurs as you wear your jeans.

Though not absolutely necessary it will help if you give us the brand and style you are measuring from.

Alternately like some of our clients who don?t have a best fitting pair, measure a pair of jeans or pants that fit in most places. Then make adjustments you feel will give you a more comfortable or better fit. Remember we can adjust and fine tune your custom fit pattern with each order.

Please note that if you are measuring from a pair of stretch jeans it will also help us to get your fit right if you give us the stretched measurement of the waist, hips and thigh.

f you are unsure about taking the measurements yourself you can take your best fitting pair to your local tailor or seamstress and have him or her take the measurements for you. You can also discuss any adjustments you feel will give you a better fit.

Or you can send your jeans to us using our TJ’s Clone a Jean service so we can do the measuring for you.

The professional TJ’s Team at Tailormade Jeanswear will be glad to help should you have any questions about:

  • Choosing a fabric you will like.
  • Choosing a style or assisting in designing your new TJ’s jeans.
  • Taking your measurements so you get a custom fit pattern made especially for you.

If you have questions please e-mail info(at)

Request TJ’s electronic fabric chart e-mail info(at)

Once satisfied with your choices simply place your order and in a matter of weeks you will be wearing your unique size of TJ’s Custom Jeans!


TJ’s will help you solve your jeans problems forever! You get a favorite pair everytime you order!©


We make custom jeans to fit you – that's it.