Fun Facts

Why buy TJ’s from Tailormade-Jeanswear?

Here’s the main fun fact we want to pass on:

Custom made TJ’s from Tailormade-Jeanswear are not only equal to or better than the brand name jeans in regard to quality BUT we make TJ’s made to measure  jeans to custom fit you. You do not have to fit the standard off the shelf sizes offered by brand name jeans because we make your pattern from your individual measurements.


I suppose the way to look at it is Tailormade-Jeanswear is doing what Jacob did in the beginning. We are providing solutions for our clients by offering customfit and custom designed tailored jeans. YOUR SIZE and YOUR DESIGN TJ’s.


The many reasons to buy TJ’s from Tailormade Jeanswear.

  • TJ’s are factory direct…….to you.
  • Custom fit……………….Handcrafted.
  • You can be …………your own designer.
  • Vintage looks…………..Authentic detailing.
  • If you’re tired of……….shopping ’til you drop.
  • Hand picked high quality fabrics and accessories.
  • We constantly create new and unique styling at TJ’s.
  • If jeans you find at retailers don’t fit in all the right places.
  • An alternative to endless retail shops and crowded shopping malls.


We make custom jeans to fit you – that's it.