What we do for you

At Tailormade Jeanswear we offer you the freedom to choose the fit you want, the styling you want, and the detailing you want on your TJ’s custom jeans according to your lifestyle and tastes. And you get them when you want them instead of getting only what you find in retail shops.

Since we make your TJ’s to your individual measurements and fit preferences you will have a truely comfortable and custom fitting pair of TJ’s jeans. It’s your decision how you want them to fit and we make your individual measurement pattern accordingly.

You can choose from one of the many styles in our TJ’s Shop. Or you can be your own designer having a style completely designed by you giving you a uniqueness to be envied! Simply go to our TJ’s Designers Page and start adding the styling details and features that you want on YOUR DESIGN TJ’s.

In essence you get YOUR SIZE and YOUR DESIGN TJ’s.

We make custom jeans to fit you – that's it.