Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find the product I’m looking for?
The easiest way to find TJ’s Custom Jeans at Tailormade Jeanswear is to go to the Womens Shop or Mens Shop and you will find the TJ’s Custom made to measure jeans to fit you and you only!
How Do I Start Shopping and place an order?
When you locate an item you wish to purchase click the ?Add to Cart? button located in the navigation bar in the lower bottom of the page. You will be directed to your ‘Shopping Cart’. Enter the quantity you wish to purchase.

If you wish to continue shopping click ‘Continue Shopping’ in the lower navigation bar. As you add or remove items from your ‘Shopping Cart’ the total price will change. The total price includes the value of the items including the delivery charge.

If you are happy with the items and the price in your ‘Shopping Cart’ click the ‘Checkout’ button in the navigation bar in the lower bottom of the page. This will take you to the ‘Sign In Page’ where you will be directed through the delivery, payment and confirmation processes. You will need to confirm delivery details and proceed to checkout.

The confirmation page will give you an order reference number to track your purchase. You will also recieve a confirmation e-mail.

Do I have to be a registered User?
No, you don’t have to set up an account and can place your order by going straight to checkout once you have chosen the product you want. Here we will need your delivery details.

However setting up an account at the time of your first order is quick and easy. Once you have set up an account your details will be stored so you won’t need to do this again the next time you shop with us.

You can modify, update, or change your account details by using the ‘My Account’ pages located in the navigation bar on each page when you have logged in.

Is this site and My Details secure?
Yes, Tailormade Jeanswear uses the internet standard encryption technology to safeguard your privacy and security. For more details see our Privacy Policy and Security Policy.

Tailormade Jeanswear uses secure server software that encrypts all your personal information preventing it from being accessed or read by any third party. We use SSL (secure socket layer) software that is known to be the best available software package for secure e-commerce trading.

Our Privacy Policy ensures your complete privacy. We do not disclose your details to any third parties.

I do not live in the USA. Can I still order ?
Yes, we have shipped to over 50 different countries worldwide and are accepting payment in major currencies through approved credit cards.

How can I pay for my order?
We accept the following methods of payment:

  • 2CheckOut
  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Check or Money Order

Payments are taken via a secure order form – (using SSL protocol)

Can I pay by Check ?
Yes we currently take orders and you can send a check or money order. Your order will be shipped on clearing of funds.

How is my order processed?
After you complete your order you will receive a confirmation of your order via e-mail including details about what you have ordered. Your on-line account will be updated to show your order has been received.

You can track your order throughout the process by clicking on the link in the e-mail which will take you to your order tracking page.

Most orders will be produced and shipped within 2 to 3 weeks of receiving your order.

What happens if the item I order is out of stock?
We produce items to order made in your individual measurements. We do not stock standard size garments so your item should never be out of stock.

Can I track my order?
You can check if your order is on it?s way by checking your Account page via the link in your confirmation e-mail or from the web site ‘My Account’ page. Please check with us by email if you do not see any action.

If you have questions please e-mail info(at)tailormade-jeanswear.com if you are concerned about delays in delivery.
Can I Change The Delivery Address For My Order?
Yes, if you notify us prior to shipment we can change the delivery address for the order.

When you ‘Checkout’ you will be prompted to confirm the delivery address for the order you are processing. You can request that your order is sent to a different address to the billing address. Simply enter this during the payment process.

If you made a mistake with the delivery address of any order or wish to change the delivery address for any reason please e-mail info(at)tailormade-jeanswear.com so we can change or redirect your delivery.

What are your shipping rates?
We pay all courier charges on orders over $95.

How do you deliver my items?
Currently we ship via Federal Express (FedEx) and do our best to give you the tracking # the day we ship.

My item was shipped but I have not yet received it?
e-mail info(at)tailormade-jeanswear.com and we will check with the courier and get back to you.
Do you have a catalog to send me?
We do not have a printed catalog but send our current fabric charts with your 1st order. All available items can be viewed on the Tailormade Jeanswear website.
Request TJ’s electronic fabric chart e-mail info(at)tailormade-jeanswear.com

My question is not listed
e-mail info(at)tailormade-jeanswear.com to ask a question which has not been covered in this section.

We make custom jeans to fit you – that's it.