TJ’s Clone a Jean*

Clone a Jean Service*

Do you have a pair of jeans you really like and can’t find another like them? TJ’s can help!

Send us your favorite pair of jeans no matter how old, worn or patched up. We will notify you when we receive them and don’t worry we have never lost a pair.

The professional TJ’s Team will take the measurements for you, make your unique pattern and make a pair of TJ’s Custom Jeans as close as possible to them. We can even make any changes you feel will give you a better fit. At last you can have your jeans just the way you want them!

We will produce and send your new pair of TJ’s Custom made jeans and return your favorite pair in approximately 2 weeks.

Your pattern will go into our database and anytime you re-order you can adjust areas of your jeans anyway you like.

Provided your jeans don’t have pockets all over and a lot of fancy features, you can expect approximately $149.00 including the courier charges for your new pair of TJ’s Custom Jeans and your favorite pair returned to you. Orders after the 1st one then drop to our normal price of $129 including shipping.

Shortly we will be setting up forwarding offices in New York and London where clients wishing to send us their favorite pair of jeans can do so at local shipping rates.

Go to TJ’s Clone a Jean* in our shop to choose the features and options to fully customize your new favorite jeans.

For more information click TJ’s Clone a Jean* Q & A.

* Buttons, rivets, labels, and logos will be TJ’s.

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We make custom jeans to fit you – that's it.