TJ’s Special Needs Jeans

We get many requests for uniquely designed jeans to meet special needs, such as this email:

My son suffers from a condition that makes his lower legs swell quite badly. He has major trouble finding jeans that fit him, he is a standard 32″ waist 30″ leg and they always fit well but he is unable to get jeans wide enough in the bottom of the leg that will fit him. Is it possible to make jeans with a standard fit on the top but wider from the knee down?

Our answer is yes. At last you can have your jeans just the way you want them!

If you have an unusual problem of any kind with jeans, we can usually solve it.

Just e-mail info(at) to explain what you need and we will work with you to fix it!

You can even send us your favorite pair of jeans no matter how old, worn or patched up for us to clone styling and fit TJ’s Clone a Jean

Request TJ’s electronic fabric chart e-mail info(at)

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We make custom jeans to fit you – that's it.