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Losing time and frustrated looking for jeans?

Think we might be able to get your fit?

Have a favorite pair of jeans and can’t find another like them!
Try on 20 pair of jeans to find one that nearly fits!
Hate the hassle of going shopping and prefer to order from the convenience of my computer!
Trouble finding jeans in shops that fit in the styling and colors I like!
Tired of wasting my time looking for jeans that actually fit!

Problems finding jeans that fit the way you like?

Jeans that fit in the hips are too big in the waist!
Hard time finding jeans long or short enough in the legs!
Feel better and more confident when wearing great fitting clothing!
Hard time finding jeans small or large enough in the waist!

Wasting your money on jeans that don’t fit?

Closet full of jeans and usually only wear one or 2 pair!
Buy jeans then spend more money having them altered to fit!
Give most of my jeans away because they don?t fit the way I like!
Spend money repairing my favorite pair because can’t find a good replacement!

No matter whether you are petite, plus size, big or tall, are well endowed in the hips with a small waist, or use a wheelchair, no matter what problems you have with your current jeans the TJ’s Team are dedicated to helping you solve them.

If you want custom made jeans that fit great, with the comfort and quality you are looking for you’ve finally found your solution.

And it’s not expensive. Our styles are not nearly as much as some of the designer jeans brands! So TJ’s Custom Jeans are great value and make $’s and sense!

You can send us your favorite pair of jeans no matter how old or worn for us to clone styling and fit TJ’s Clone a Jean Or try our Womens Shop or Mens Shop and you will find TJ’s Custom made to measure jeans are made to fit you and you only!

If you have questions please e-mail info(at)tailormade-jeanswear.com

Request TJ’s electronic fabric chart e-mail info(at)tailormade-jeanswear.com

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